Top 10 Demand Forecasting Tech Companies - 2018

Top 10 Demand Forecasting Tech Companies - 2018

Customer preferences and requirements are crucial for manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers, in order to predict the market trends accurately. Thus, suitable forecasting models have emerged as mainstream necessities for these industries. Despite the fact that no forecasting model fulfils all of the necessary prerequisites, businesses rely on analytics tools, systematic patterns and trends, forecasting and data mining techniques, which empower them to be better prepared to anticipate the customer demands.

As a result, forecasting solution providers are devising analytics tools, techniques, neural networks, and data mining processes that are capable of converting raw data into valuable information. One of the most commonly used techniques in demand forecasting is the time series analysis methodology. Organizations are leveraging this practice to detect patterns in data sets and decode those patterns into predictions. To understand the time series data and extract useful statistics, autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) model is widely being used among businesses. Additionally, technologies such as neural networks have remarkable ability to decipher complicated or imprecise data and are used to analyze patterns that are complex. Several neural networks procedures such as multilayer perceptrons, radial basis functions neural networks, multivariate adaptive regression splines, machine learning (ML), and tree algorithms are used to study the patterns and predict the outcomes of any unknown event.

Owing to these myriad approaches, businesses will continue to look for specific patterns, in order to make accurate predictions, and CIOReview’s latest edition comes as an answer to their forage. To help organizations achieve better accuracy in forecasting, we present CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Demand Forecasting Solution Providers – 2018.” This edition will help businesses in choosing a solution provider that can assist them in improving the “forecast-ability” of consumer demands.

Company Name

Company Description

Avercast Offers automated supply chain planning platform to help businesses plan and carry out their work
Blue Ridge Helps clients to observe any changes in the demand of customers through its cloud-native supply chain solutions
Centage The company’s Maestro Suite enables faster and accurate budgeting along with forecasting, analytics, and reporting for businesses of all sizes
DemandCaster Helps companies of all sizes and complexity to accurately forecast demand, optimize inventory, support sales & operations planning, and efficiently execute day-to-day operations
DynaSys Provides expert business decision-making software for forecasting, planning, optimizing and performance analysis
E2open Enables organizations to get closer to customers and capture untapped opportunities with a predictive, responsive, agile, and real-time supply chain
GAINSystems Offers solutions for optimizing supplys chain including demand planning, demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and more
OM Partners Offers a novel supply chain planning software—OMP Plus—as a one-stop solution for all planning functions
P4 Technologies Provider of cloud-based forecasting, replenishment and inventory optimization SaaS solutions for retailers and wholesalers
RELEX Solutions Helps retail businesses to improve their competitiveness through localized assortments, profitable use of retail space, accurate forecasting and replenishment, and optimized workforce planning