Keeping Pace with Evolution of Demand
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Keeping Pace with Evolution of Demand

Jamie McLellan, Worldwide CIO, JWT
Jamie McLellan, Worldwide CIO, JWT

Jamie McLellan, Worldwide CIO, JWT

Gaining Perspective to Support Cloud Offerings

The big challenge for 2014 is keeping pace with the continuedevolution of the service oriented demand coming from the organization, which looks and expects to act like a consumer in many ways—always on, available and digestible. This challenge is balancing both the consumption of services many organizations are now obtaining through cloud solutions, etc., with the need to maintain certain legacy platforms and investments.

As far as a wish list goes, I’d like for there to be a clearer perspective on what the large vendors are doing to support global cloud offerings, particularly around digital asset management and business systems.

"Brands building more robust, richer and rewarding experiences on their ‘owned’ digital properties will drive a greater demand for content that is highly personalized."

Empowering Creativity and Collaboration

We need to get better at interconnecting best in class systems in a seamless way that empower creativity and collaboration across departments, borders and companies. Control, compliance and assurance being an invisible force for good.

Data is Most Important

It’s obvious, but data-big, small, accessible and available to drive actionable insights for our organization and more  importantly for our clients around the   behavior and interaction of consumers with brands. Brands building more robust,richer and rewarding experiences on their ‘owned’ digital   properties will drive a greater demand for content that is highly personalized and predictive for and to the targets needs. Our ability to create and  support systems and processes to support these needs with agility is key.

My Role as a CIO

My role has evolved to be two things.

1. The classic operational CIO: matching technology strategy and delivery to that of the business, but doing this through consumable services rather than owned infrastructure.

2. The digital CTO: involved in how we deliver & execute for clients, how and who we partner with for marketingtechnology solutions and how we integrate our businesses.

Advice for Fellow CIOs

Hire problem solvers, not technologists. Locate your teams in the heart of the business and make sure they have empathy and passion for your companies business. For JWT, that’s the creative product, the work. Position IT as an enabler for the business, supporting initiatives that have a positive outcome in growing the topline of the business or creating operational efficiencies that improve the bottom line.

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